Industrial Grating

Miner Grating manufactures Premier Grate (bar grating) Premier Diamond (diamond safety grating) and Premier Grip (round hole safety grating) used in a wide variety of applications including mezzanines, walkways, trenches, bridges, stair treads, and OEM Equipment.  We offer extensive fabrication capabilities to fit your specific project needs.

Premier Grate

Premier Grate Bar Safety Grating
  • Bar grating manufactured and fabricated to NAAMM standards
  • In-house electro forge welded process
  • Serrated or smooth surface
  • Mill finish, galvanized, or shop coat black
  • Powder coating available
  • FRP & aluminum grating available

Premier Diamond

Premier Diamond Safety Grating
  • Diamond safety grating
  • One-piece construction with “serrated edges” along the top surface of diamond shaped openings
  • Provides excellent slip resistance
  • Mill finish or galvanized
  • Powder coating available

Premier Grip

Premier Grip Safety Grating Round Hole Grating
  • Round hole safety grating
  • One-piece construction with customizable pattern
  • Slip resistant with a user-friendly surface
  • Mill finish or galvanized
  • Powder coating available

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