About Us

Miner Grating

Miner Grating’s 120,000 square foot facility is located in Dallas, TX. We are a privately owned manufacturer and fabricator of bar grating, diamond safety grating, and round hole safety grating products. Our Sales, Engineering, and Production teams are among the most experienced in the industry. We pride ourselves on industry-leading service, quality, value, and overall customer satisfaction. We continue to aggressively invest in expanding our capabilities and capacity to best serve the Rail and Industrial markets.

Bar Grating


Our values might be old fashioned, but they are the material that build relationships made of steel. Miner Grating is committed to being the industry leader in organizational excellence and North America’s premier grating manufacturer. It is our goal and our purpose. We’ve aligned our entire organization around one mission: to deliver value to our ” customers”.

Custom Fabrication


Miner Grating is uniquely positioned to provide a variety of grating products and services to your organization that are unmatched within the grating industry.  We manufacture, fabricate, and stock a broad range of bar grating, diamond safety grating and round hole safety grating that can be customized to meet your needs.  Our inventory also includes  Aluminum, Stainless, FRP grating and fasteners/ hardware.

Custom Fabrication Solutions

Need A Custom Solution?

Miner Grating is equipped to handle most any steel fabrication orders.  For specialty grating needs, please contact Miner Grating’s Sales Office.  Our product specialists will be happy to work with you to determine the most practical grating application, based on your loads, wheel sizes and other considerations.